Webhook integration is the easiest and the most flexible way to integrate ReferralMagic into any service you are using.

If you don't know what Webhook is, please refer to Wikipedia for the quick explanation.

With webhook integrations, you can get notified about certain ReferralMagic events almost instantly on your own system. Currently, the following webhook events are available for the integration:

Webhook Event Description
when a person is rewarded This webhook is triggered and a person (user) is rewarded on the system. In this way, you can trigger specific events on your side which are related to this webhook event type.
when a reward is redeemed When you mark one of the pending rewards as "redeemed" on ReferralMagic, this webhook event will get trigerred. In this way, you can take specific actions on your side almost instantly.

Setting Up a Webhook Integration

Follow these easy steps to setup a webhook integration:

  1. Login to your ReferralMagic account if you haven't logged in yet.
  2. Go to the dashboard of your referral tracking campaign
  3. Click "Webhooks" link on the right side:
  4. Enter the target URL where you want to fetch webhook data from ReferralMagic. Just to give it a try, you can generate a request URL on RequestBin and use it for testing purposes.
  5. Choose the trigger. Based on your selection, ReferralMagic will send data to your target webhook URL once that selected event occurs:
  6. Click "Add" button. You will see the webhook on the list:

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