Getting Started: 4 easy steps to setup your referral tracking system

Step 1: Setting up referral marketing campaigns

Campaigns are at the heart of referral marketing in ReferralMagic. You can have unlimited number of campaigns in your account for either a single app or for numerous apps.

Every campaign has the following attributes:

  • Name - Identifies a campaign on your dashboard for administrative purposes.
  • URL - Web address of the landing page for the campaign. Referrers will be sharing this url.
  • Type - Type of campaign, explained in detail below.
  • Rewarding Options - Rewarding options specific to that campaign.

Types of Campaigns

There are three types of campaigns:

  • Conversion Machine
  • Sign-up Booster
  • Selfie

Conversion Machine Campaign

With Conversion Machine campaigns, users get their own referral codes and links to share with their own colleagues and friends.

When invitees sign-up for your app via a Conversion Machine campaign and upgrade to a paid plan, both the referrer and invitee gets rewarded.

Best fit for: Increasing the conversion rates of free to paid plans and the engagement rates of your app.

Sign-up Booster Campaign

With Sign-up Booster campaigns, users get their own referral codes and links to share with their own colleagues and friends, just like Conversion Machine campaigns.

When invitees sign-up for your app via a Sign-up Booster campaign, both referrer and invitee gets rewarded.

Best fit for: Increasing the number of sign-ups and lead generation.

Selfie Campaign

With Selfie campaigns, you become your own referrer. You get a link to share on ProductHunt, BetaList and similar sites and encourages visitors to sign-up to your app.

In Selfie campaigns, only the invitee gets rewarded.

Best fit for: Getting the word out about your new features or just for creating a boost starting up when you don't have sufficient number of users.

Step 2: Installing referral tracking javascript code

There are three types of campaigns in ReferralMagic and the steps you follow for installing them into your website are the same with the exception of Conversion Machine type campaigns, which have one additional step.

In order to install a campaign into your app:

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Create a campaign.
  3. If you've just created a campaign, you'll be redirected to Installation Instructions page. Otherwise, select your campaign from campaigns screen and then click the Installation Instructions link from the campaign navigation bar.

Every step you need to take to install your campaign into your app is explained in detail on the Installation Instructions page. Also, you'll be seeing the check marks turning green as you follow the instructions.

Step 3: Tracking referrers and invitees

People in your ReferralMagic account represent referrers and/or invitees. They are your users and customers tracked by ReferralMagic to be rewarded for referring (referrers) and signing up via referrals (invitees).


A person becomes a referrer when he/she refers your app to his/her friends or colleagues.


A person becomes an invitee when he/she visits and takes action on your app via a referral.

Step 4: Managing reward redeems

Rewards are defined as campaign options while creating campaigns.

Types of Rewards

There are two types of rewards:

  • Monetary
  • Custom

Monetary rewards allow you to reward referrers and invitees with monetary values. For example; $20 off the next month's subscription fee.

Custom rewards are flexible, allowing you to reward referrers and invitees with credits, modules, add-ons and discounts etc. For example; 10GB additional storage.

Status of a Reward

There are two states for a reward:

  • Pending
  • Redeemed

The reward is in pending state by default meaning that it's waiting to be redeemed by you. For example; 20% discount to be applied on your next purchase or 1000 credits to be loaded into user's account.

When you apply the reward to a user's account, you redeem it either by  API or through the dashboard. 

You can think of these states of rewards as your tasks in a todo list. Pending rewards are the tasks you need complete, and redeemed rewards are the tasks that are completed.

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